11 September 2010

Best Ramadan 2010 Series: Sahir al-layl- ساهر الليل

So far the best show this Ramadan. They showed more reality and balance in the events, taking us to the world a lot of us only heard of, but never experienced. Even though we wanted Nasser and Lulwa to get married, we still got to see realistically that it was difficult at that time. It all depended on the father. With Dalal and Nawaf, there was a difference in the way they handled the situation. Let's not forget that they knew each other longer and so were older than the other couple. They seemed smarter and more focused on their goals, but to think about it, it's also the father that made a difference of course. I think he is one of my fave fatherly firgures because no matter what, it still seemed he was standing by woman, for example, like when Lulwa was caught he could think better.

Most people thought that he wouldn't let his own daughter marry Nawaf. But I had a feeling he would, which was great as he didn't force her to go back to her first husband, who seemed in a bit better postion, seeing as he's the son of his friend. I have to say that the actors and actresses did great. If it wasn't for the problem with Nasser and Lulwa getting married, then he wouldn't have been able to write his story and for him to become famous. Also, it shows that sometimes we need to lose something in life to gain something else, for example, Nasser's tragic love story is what helped him improve his writing and lead people through his love story. This probably helped other readers who went through a similar phase, which is a positive thing at the end.

One of the most important parts of the whole series is the last scene when they were looking at each other. It takes us back to their innocent love stares and in our hearts we feel happy for them more than sad. I think that sometimes there has to be balance in life, so this showed how happy they were with just a stare. Without out words, you can feel their hearts and acceptance of life.

I would watch this series again and for those who missed it, watch it online. It's a mixture of culture, history, wonderful directing and music. The characters are so lovable and easy to understand. The simplicity is what made this show so successful. As they always say, sometimes the more simple something is portrayed, the more meaning that it can have.

I was so satisfied with the ending and wouldn't want anything in the plot to change. I really hope that next year we see something similar, as these are the shows that make us wait for next Ramadan to start!

What's your view on this show?

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