06 September 2010

Zawarat Khamees Episode - زوارة خميس - الحلقة- 26



I liked this episode. I think this is a lesson for the men in the house. They didn't feel anything when they were doing the same to their wives. But (9ub7an Allah) when it happened to their mum, they didn't like the feeling and got so angry. I feel so bad for the people that are married to the person they love for so long then something like that happens to them. Imagine the pain..the confusion..the regret..the feeling of emptiness. In some way or another, we are all put in situations where we feel like we don't understand what's happening to ourselves or the world. I think that Thnayan is going through a mid-life crises. I wonder what will happen next!??

Hey..is it true that the events leaked out and spread around Kuwait? Is it false info? or Did what they say actually happen??

P.S: If you missed the episode! Watch it!


Vainglorious said...

yes it was leaked... Since the second day of ramadan almost everyone was talking about how Thnayan will be cheating on his wife with her sister

Sumaiah said...

yeah, it was sent to me via BBM even before it aired! didnt care though, and i never read it.
I stopped watching it ba3ad, it just got blah and madry!

sweetd said...

VG: waaaaaaaaaaaaay 9ij people r stupid :P laish chithy! we want to enjoy this stuff

Sumaiah: yeah my friend galatly tadroon ana not a "blueberry" hehe ana i like watching it...i watch it as a director :D

maybe one day u will see my work :P inshallah ya3ny