02 September 2010

Review : BTemplates & Template Designer

After searching through btemplates, I have come to the conclusion that using the latest feature in Blogger to edit the template is much better, easier and more convenient.

When I was trying out the ones I got from the site, I didn't like the outcome since you don't have that much freedom to fix colours and sizes of text. Well maybe you can but I'm guessing it is a great hassle and probably takes great effort. Personally, I don't like complicated templates and I don't want to go back to looking through the "HTML code" to figure out where everything is.

Now with the Template Designer, which you can already find under the design tab of you blog, is a great new tool. You can see your changes as you make them! So if you decide to change something you just do, then if you don't like it, just undo it. I'm not lazy honestly it's just that I like to keep things simple and fast. I'm usualy hesitant about using new features because I like familiar functions, however, I am glad I started using the Template Designer. I have to also mention that I'm a very indecisive person, so it took me a VERY long time to pick this template.

Now the questions is where do we get more templates because the ones on offer from this site are limiting.

I hope you like the black template and I know there's a very big difference between this one and my last bright one. I love colours though but I had to make a change. The reason behind this is that I will be entering a new stage in my life, so I think it is time to try something new.

If you have any Q's don't hesitate to ask, although I think it's very straight forward, which is why I LOVE blogger.

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