09 September 2010

Warranty Ruined the Laptop's System.

Why is it when you take your laptop to the dealers to fix it they bring it back with even more problems?

Two days ago I decided it was time to check  why my fan was making so much noise. It usually bothers me when the room is really quiet. So I stayed up and went to the company. The first impression I got from the place is that there wasn't anyone at the front desk, even though they said that working hours start at 9:30am and I was there at around 9:45am.

I was sent in to the customer service and the man looked like he didn't know where God has thrown him! I told him that the fan makes noises every once in a while. So he was like leave it and we will check it. I told him I will wait. So I sat waiting for almost 45 minutes then I took the laptop home and was so happy I wanted to go shopping! When I quickly switched the laptop on I realised that the wireless wasn't working. I got SOOO MAD! I had to go back quickly and asked him what he had done and why this has happened!? He said it's because I put it on stand by for a long time. EXCUSE ME! I told him I put my laptop most of the time on hiberanate...again he looked at me funny not understanding a word I was saying. He said all he had done is clean the fans and didn't touch the system. He fixed it again and I went home.

The same night I was trying to take pictures out of my flash and the USB ports weren't working, except one. I was SO MAD. What did he do? Why was my system failing all of a sudden? There was nothing wrong with it before! I couldn't sleep all night and was waiting for get to the company. I went and told him you ruined my laptop...and again he repeats telling me he didn't touch the system! Ya3ny who could have done it then? I told him to fix it and he took the laptop saying he had to format. I refused! There wasn't anything wrong with it!

I don't know whats happened and they didn't inform me, but I will have to call today and check again. I hope they don't have a hoilday :/

Sorry for my rant...but NEVER EVER take your computer to the company, unless you trust them. Now I have a VERY VERY VERY bad image of the company and if I get the chance I would complain to the manager.

Now I have to wait to get someone elses laptop :/


M7md Ghazi said...

mmmm ... about the USB ports, do u get "the device is not recognized" error ? ,, I know the solution of that error !
walla most of the technicians are not computer sciences ! they are simply STUPID ,, I talked about them in my blog the last post ..
alla y3eenech :(

Anonymous said...

If the laptop is older than 2 years it tends to make those errors but it depends on a persons usage and how the person is taking care of the laptop. For me it happens on a Laptop with Windows, but i switched to mac cuz of reliability issues. You can make a windows laptop run fine but you need more experience with computers and how to maintain a computer to run like it was brand new.

sweetd said...

MG: They weren't working at all! He is stupid...he screwed it up :/ and ruined my Eid :( I need my laptop..It's weird when you get used to the computer you can't let go :P

Hatch3r: It's new...thats why I'm upset! There wasn't anything wrong with it...trust me! I know Mac's r better but this was a gift :) Wallah ana ma sawate shay :( thats why I'm so mad....the guy doesn't know anything about computers..it showed...