03 September 2010

Review: Smashbox Makeup in Sephora Kuwait

SMASHBOX is one of my FAVE brands! I have the cream eyeliner set and love it so much. It has shades of black, purple, blue, green, bronze, silver, grey and different degrees of brown (light and dark). I think it is useful because it has a multipurpose use like it can be used as an eyeliner or a base for eyeshadow to create a smokey eyes effect. Although there is a brush with it, it's still not that great, which is why I'm looking for the Arched brush in Sephora.The pallete is showen below.It's small and great for travel.

I have to say that everytime I go to Sephora to find the Arched brush, they don't have it. 

It's useful because it helps you apply the eyeliner even on the inner corner of the eyes, without having to stick your hands so close to your eyes.
Sephora, which is the only place I know that sells Smashbox in Kuwait, I must admit, unfortunitly, the place doesn't have amazing staff and sometimes their customer service can be really terrible. I don't know why. Their sales representatives are always chatting with each other and too lazy to work..or they can be very pushy.If you don't know already that there is a Sephora card which everytime you spend 10kd they sign it. After the 4th purchaise you get 10% off the next thing you buy.

Anyways, today I went on their site to see their new products, I discovered they, not only have videos showing you how their products are used, but also you can chat live to any of their makeup artists.

This is great because you get to ask questions on how to use thier products and how to get different looks using the makeup. I also asked about their other product called Eye Illusions:


She let me know that there is a new verison of it. If you haven't heard of this before, it is like an eye shadow that is applied to any eye shadow or liner and it changes the colour, depending on which illusion you use. There are three, the blue, pink and I think beige.

This is how my conversation with the person went:
Chat InformationWelcome to smashbox cosmetics LIVE CHAT. A Studio Makeup Artist will be with you shortly. At the end of this chat session, you will be able to request to have a transcript of your chat sent to you via email by completing our exit survey. _________________________________________
Hello. Thank you for your interest in smashbox cosmetics. My name is Mer. How can I help you today?
SweetD: Hello
SweetD: I have questions about ur cream eye liner palette and how it can be used
Mer: sure, how can I help you?
SweetD: how can I use it? does it have a multipurpose
Mer: These versatile liner palettes are perfect for creating a sexy, smoky eye. Apply a CREAM EYE LINER (try LAVA) all over lid up to crease using DEFINER BRUSH #15, then blend a dark powder shadow (try EYE SHADOW TRIO in SHUTTERSPEED) on top to seal the color and give a soft, diffused effect.
SweetD: how about an everyday look? and which brush should we use to apply the liner?
Mer: For an everyday look you could use a neutral shade like DEEP BRONZE or the METALLIC BRONZE along with EYE LIGHTS in BEAM. I prefer using ARCED LINER BRUSH #21 when using the product as liner and DEFINER BRUSH# 15 for a smudged look.
SweetD: yeah that seems right. Could we use it with the Quad (i forgot the name) that changes the shade of eyeshadows?
Mer: EYE ILLUSIONS? Yes, you can definitely use that product with CREAM EYE LINER.
Mer: May I help you with anything else today?
SweetD: yes
SweetD: Yes..is this product only sold in our local Sephora Kuwait?
Mer: I'm sorry I don't have a list of stores where this product is available.
Mer: EYE ILLUSIONS is now only available in a trio.
Mer: http://www.smashbox.com/EYE-SHADOW-TRIO
Mer: http://www.smashbox.com/EYE-ILLUSION-NEW
Mer: sorry wrong link.
SweetD: okay thank you very much
SweetD: how long does to arrive internationally? (if we were to order online?
Mer: Thank you have a nice day.
Mer: Usually about 2 weeks.
Mer: http://www.smashbox.com/Shipping-Costs-and-Delivery-Schedule
SweetD: thank you for your help
Mer: Thank you have a nice day
Chat InformationChat session has been terminated by the site operator.

 I hope you find this information helpful and if you haven't tried Smashbox..I advice you to!


Summer said...

i love it!!
oo I love the new design!!

sweetd said...

:D thanxxxxx hehe I'm glad u do :* 7ayach il bate baitich